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Geek of the Week: PopSmartKids founder Priyanka Raha helps families find meaningful screen time

After a 15-year career in the tech industry in which she’s been a software developer and a technical program manager, Priyanka Raha is now a startup founder, focused on how children use and are affected by technology.

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Turn Tech Time Into Family Time

Parenting is hard, especially in a tech-driven culture where screen time often cuts into family time…Raha wanted to find a way to interact with her children without dictating when they could use their devices.

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3 Tips for How Your Kids Should Talk to Alexa

“Parents often run into courtesy conundrums: Should our kids say please to Alexa? Is it okay to call her an idiot? My opinion: Balance is best”, our founder shares with ParentMap.

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11 Seattle-area startup founders share tips for getting through the pandemic

Raha says, “While at-home learning will never really replace the learning experience that my child will have in the classroom, technology-driven apps will help my kids learn while they are at home.”

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South City Emerald News Founders
BIPOC Founders Disrupt Tech-Bro Narrative

“…when they’re doing something on their digital devices, that kind of connection and mirroring back and communication was not there…” To solve the problem, Raha built PopSmartKids, a digital storytelling app that makes it easy for parents, teachers, and mentors to give kids feedback on the stories they create using the software. 

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Dispatch from Tech Island: The Wild Ideas and Strange Lingo of TechfestNW

“Apps today are designed for consumption, not creation”, our founder at the Techfest NW.

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Female Founder Feature: Priyanka Raha – PopSmart Kids

“My venture is both mission-driven and personal. In my 15 years of career as a tech exec, my goal has been to promote the ‘human factor in technology’. Raising two kids and being responsible for them has made me realize how important and powerful that phrase is…”

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Luminaries: Priyanka Raha

“PopSmartKids’ first release is a collaborative storytelling app—not just because it’s fun (although it is), but because it’s a valuable skill kids can carry with them for the rest of their lives.”

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Featured on “Back to Business: Seattle area begins to open its doors”

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In Conversation

Kids & Technology: Mentoring Over Monitoring

In this episode our founder Priyanka Raha talks about how to shift our mindset around technology to be about mindful integration instead of a sense of constant invasion, and how to use technology to open up communication rather than shut it down.

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Ikigai podcast mentoring
Priyanka talks about reimagining digital playtime

In this episode of IKIGAI stories, learn about how PopSmartKids is offering tech tools that embrace a simple, yet powerful philosophy: Mentor > Monitor. Priyanka reflects on her journey including corporate jobs in three countries, making the entrepreneurial leap, and the evolving role of a parent in a technology-driven society.

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Transforming the way children spend time with their digital devices

In this episode of Startup Life, our founder shares how it all began when her young sons went from sharing their excitement from building legos or artwork masterpieces to becoming lost to the world while they watched content on their screens. There was no longer any shared interaction, and she had a difficult time getting their attention.

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Apoplectic podcast pandemic series
Priyanka talks about difficult choices that parents are making during the pandemic

In this episode Priyanka shares what’s possible, what’s promising, and what really matters…in the landscape of possible solutions in search of hope, and we begin with a look at Ed Tech trends. She spends a lot of time exploring the ways adults and children can use technology together.

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Reinventing Digital Playtime for my own kids made me an Entrepreneur

In this episode of CurryUp Startup episode, learn about how our founder Priyanka, an advocate of meaningful tech-time advocate, Public Speaker and Program Manager of TEDxYouth@Seattle, is reinventing digital playtime for kids with her company.

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Our founder at the NewTechNW pitch sharing the story of PopSmartKids

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