Our Mission

We transform screen-time into a learning adventure for kids. We give you powerful tools to mentor the future generation.


Our mantra is create-over-consumption. We design our apps so that children can improve creativity.


Our goal is to  inspire you to work together. We build apps that will help you motivate and connect with your child.


Our mission is to ignite imagination. We make apps that will help your child grow by allowing their imagination to soar.

Our Users

Our users are learners, thinkers, imaginators and mentors. Our users are game-changers.


We put students in the driver’s seat of their creativity. Our interactive app makes writing fun.


We empower teachers with comprehensive features that register, track and organize projects for blended learning.


We offer a platform for parents to participate and engage in their child’s creative endeavor.

Our Why

What teachers and parents are saying

These are the many ways that PopSmartWrite is making an impact
Leo Potts

Leo Potts


An awesome concept!
Instead of trying to keep your kids off of mobile devices so they will talk their parents, Priyanka Raha has implemented mobile devices into the child’s life in a way to bring children and their parents together, all benefitting the child. What an amazing concept!

Josephine Bruno, UK, Mom to a 10 yr old

Josephine Bruno, UK, Mom to a 10 yr old


My daughter enjoys writing with PopSmartWrite. It brought out the imaginative side of story writing in my daughter which I have never seen before.

Diane Roy-Gauthier, USA, Mom to a 6 yr old

Diane Roy-Gauthier, USA, Mom to a 6 yr old


I appreciate trying the app and it has shown to already improve my sons writing skills! 

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