Welcome to PopSmartKids!

We transform screen-time into a learning adventure for kids. We give you powerful tools to mentor the future generation.


Discover the world through learning. Technology is your magic wand. From writing to math to science, PopSmartKids makes learning an adventure.


Create memories that will last a lifetime through our story-telling app. We put kids in the drivers seat of their creativity through focused mentoring.


Ignite imagination through learning. Our fully interactive app encourages creativity in the digital space through storyboards, photos and interactive writing.

We are currently busy building. Sign up below for early access to our app.

How It Works


Add PopSmartWrite to each user’s phone.


PopSmartWrite lets kids create fully interactive stories with plenty of room to draw or add photos.


Keep track of you child’s writing progress through our story circles. Story circles allow users to share, comment, and rate user’s work


PopSmartWrite lets you choose the rewards for your child’s job well done.