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Our apps look like fun but are meant to develop necessary skills for the twenty-first century learners.


Welcome to PopSmartWrite. We know you love telling stories. PopSmartWrite is a simple yet powerful tool that encourages children to write their story using our fun interactive design. Combine text, image and annotation to create 

  • Opinion Pieces
  • Narrative Stories
  • Digital Portfolios
  • Poetry
  • Science Projects
  • Field Day Reports
  • Personal Journals

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PopSmartWrite Demo Videos

Watch our short how-to videos. They explain how you can set up and start using our storywriting app.

How-to setup PopSmartWrite as a parent or teacher

How to navigate PopSmartWrite as a child


Welcome to PopSmartTriva. We know you love a challenge. Here is a fun trivia game to sharpen your mind. Put your thinking hats on. See how many questions you can get right. Created with three difficulty levels and questions that come from a range of topics, this game is a perfect way to learn about the world around you.