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The Dos and Don’ts of Parental Control – Part 2
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ Jan 24, 2019 As we saw in the first part of our series on parental
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The Dos and Don’ts of Parental Control
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ Jan 17, 2019 Take a big sigh of relief if your children are at an
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3-Ways To Practice Digital Citizenship
by Priyanka Raha ~ Jan 10, 2019 Today there are about 4.2 billion global internet users, which is 55% of
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Five kid-friendly resolutions for the New Year
by Priyanka Raha ~ Jan 3, 2019 It’s been a couple of days that the new year has reigned in.
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The Best of 2018 in three steps
by Priyanka Raha ~ Dec 27, 2018 So here we are, the last week of 2018. My inbox has been
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toy aisles
Breaking the mold one color at a time
by Priyanka Raha ~ Dec 20, 2018 The time during the holidays calls for multiple visits to the toy aisles.
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Technology in TheFlippedClassroom
How Technology in Education is Flipping Things Around
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ Dec 13, 2018 When I was first introduced to the concept of a class where
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If you can code you can change the world
by Priyanka Raha ~ Dec 06, 2018 When I started writing this article I wanted to talk about how important
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Education Learning Google Translator
Let’s talk about grit
by Priyanka Raha ~ Nov 29, 2018 She shrugged in a matter-of-fact way, not happy with what the sentence meant.
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Is It Time To Reconsider The Way Our Children Read?
by Shikha Das Shankar and Priyanka Raha ~ Nov 15, 2018 Introducing children to eReading devices and apps does not
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We are not ready to launch yet
Houston, we are not ready to launch yet!
by Priyanka Raha ~ Nov 8, 2018 I woke up with a panic attack this Monday with an email from
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Cyberbullying – What You Can Do?
by Priyanka Raha ~ Nov 1, 2018 October was the National Bullying Prevention Month. To honor the national campaign we
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DigitalCitizenship Cyberbullying
What is Cyberbullying?
by Priyanka Raha ~ Oct 25, 2018 My pain may be the reason for somebody’s laugh. But my laugh must
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Digital Citizenship
The Road Ahead for Technology
by Shikha Das Shankar and Priyanka Raha ~ Oct 18, 2018 A UK-based research agency in a report called “The
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Make Way for Mentoring Digital Screentime
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ Oct 11, 2018 Screentime battles have you surrounded day in and day out. The scene
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Shattering patriarchy one conversation at a time
by Priyanka Raha ~ Oct 05, 2018 Sometime last year I went to the ‘Western Washington Society of Children’s Book
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Technology in classroom
The Evolving Classroom – Part 2
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ Sep 20, 2018 In the first part of our evolving classroom series we saw how
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The Evolving Classroom – Part 1
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ Sep 13, 2018 Mothers start to develop knots of stress, and get their jollies too,
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The case of the fleeting face
by Priyanka Raha ~ Sep 06, 2018 I assure you this is not a thriller story, but it certainly is
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Technology and Trends that parents find useful today
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ Aug 30, 2018 Parenting is inherently wrought with challenges, and many believe that the unprecedented
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What can ‘Digital Foreigners’ teach us about technology?
by Priyanka Raha ~ Aug 16, 2018 I believe we are all familiar with the term ‘Digital Natives’ and ‘Digital
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Be tech-savvy safe this summer
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ Aug 09, 2018    An app tracks your teen’s driving habits, shows his location and
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I, Alexa – The Final Piece
by Priyanka Raha ~ Aug 02, 2018 Yes, we have been lately obsessed by the effects of interaction with voice
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Alexa, Can I watch TV now?
by Priyanka Raha ~ July 26, 2018 Last week we talked about the importance of niceties when interacting with Alexa.  And
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I, Alexa
by Priyanka Raha ~ July 19, 2018 I say Alexa because I am so used to hearing it a number
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Digital Apps that foster engagement
Are digital apps helping overcome the language barrier?
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ July 12, 2018 An overcrowded, concrete classroom with rows of children sitting on wooden benches and
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Practice good digital citizenship
Is your kid ready for the Digital Driver License?
by Priyanka Raha ~ June 28, 2018 A few days back I read a discussion on the interwebs about having
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How not to drown in an ocean of kids’ apps
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ June 21, 2018 A sense of responsibility bestowed upon me when I came across the term
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Human Factor in Technology
by Priyanka Raha ~ June 14, 2018 Raise your hands if you think that we should take away ALL (and
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Why we must make space for vulnerability?
by Priyanka Raha ~ June 7, 2018 Today I cannot write about anything else but the recent happenings. The Kate
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Freedom of the Digital Citizen
by Priyanka Raha ~ May 31, 2018 If you read my last blog you know we are eager about mentoring
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Can we fight FOMO while raising digital citizens?
by Priyanka Raha ~ May 24, 2018 Apparently ‘Fear of Missing Out’ is a real term. All throughout this article
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Own your technology
Have you thanked the 21st Century Teacher?
by Priyanka Raha ~ May 11, 2018 A quick google search will reveal that the following terms are very common
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Nature Apps
Staying Close to Nature
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ May 02, 2018 Despite the cold, wet April we have gotten so far, spring is a
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Going Strong
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ March 29, 2018  It is in our nature to hold on to traditions that are valuable
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unleashing imagination
Unleashing their Imagination
by Shikha Das Shankar ~ March 6, 2018 As we drove past the fire station, located a few streets from
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Making connection
Connection is why we are here
by Priyanka Raha ~ January 12, 2018 Many years ago I came across an invigorating talk from Brene Brown*. She
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Engagement not Entrapment
by Priyanka Raha ~ Dec 15, 2017 Recently I had the privilege of teaching a class of second graders for
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More mentoring than monitoring
More Mentoring Than Monitoring
by Priyanka Raha ~ December 1, 2017 We live in different times. Our generation is the one that saw the
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How to make the best of the digital world around us
by Priyanka Raha ~ October 17, 2017 If I approach you with a question “Does your child come and ask you
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